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Welcome to Magnetic Resonance Microsensors.  Located near the University of Illinois at Urbana/Champaign and the Beckman Institute, we bring the analytical research community the highest mass sensitivity attainable using miniaturized NMR detector flowcells and microcoils.  Integrated with and embedded into complementary Waters CapLCTM and Bruker, Varian and JEOL NMR instruments, MRMís patented, microcoil (sub-microliter volume) CapNMRTM detection technique dramatically improves processing of trace quantity samples.  

Our Mission

We treat modern, 'big-iron' research instruments as a process.  Our customers can count on us to bring the latest in MEMS technology and know-how to their complex system.  The result is integrated process analyticsBy integrating intelligent sample management (e.g., peak parking) and our state-of-the-art NMR detectors into their hyphenated method, we not only help them automate and streamline their CapLC-NMR or HT-NMR process, we liberate them from the inefficiencies of the traditional chemical laboratory.

About MRM:

Magnetic Resonance Microsensors (MRM), an operating unit of Protasis Corporation, is the leading maker of capillary-based, microliter-volume probes for NMR spectroscopy.  These new-to-market devices rely on microcoil technology and offer fast, sensitive performance and downscaled sample handling capability. 

Founded in 1994 by an interdisciplinary group of chemists, NMR spectroscopists and engineers from the Beckman Institute at the University of Illinois, MRM was formed expressly to develop and bring to market microcoil (sub-microliter volume) NMR detection technology. 

Since its start-up, MRM has focused its groundbreaking research on developing a family of specialized microcoil-based probes designed specifically for compatibility with the Waters CapLC.  As a result, MRM probes now offer a 10-fold sensitivity gain when compared to conventional NMR probes and present exciting new opportunities for NMR application to capillary-based analytical systems.

 NMR analysis is rapidly growing as an information-rich technique for determining structural information for synthetic and natural product chemistry research. 

Yet, a recurring problem that restricts the versatility of this technology is the difficulties associated with effective, automated management of the sample.  To the satisfaction of a growing list of customers, MRM has solved this problem by purifying and concentrating sample peaks using Waters CapLC and then parking them in sensitive, flexible and convenient MRM CapNMR  Probes.


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